Neurodevelopmental Injury

Stolp Lab

Royal Veterinary College, London

Laboratory Head: Dr Helen Stolp


Helen  graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in 2001. She was awarded a Melbourne Research Scholarship and PhD position in the Department of Pharmacology, University of Melbourne in 2002, completed in 2006. She undertook post-doctoral research at the University of Melbourne, University of Oxford and King’s College London before being appointed to a lectureship at the Royal Veterinary College in London in 2017.

Helen studies mechanisms of normal and abnormal brain development, with the aim of producing targeted therapeutic and diagnostic tools. Identification of periods of plasticity and susceptibility in the developing brain, focused on early neurogenesis, processes of neuronal maturation, angiogenesis, blood-brain barrier development in the cortex. She has particular interest in the interaction between age and injury in terms of outcome, as well as the combined trajectory of development and injury in the long-term structure and function of the brain.

Lab members and collaborators

Lab members

Megan Ritson PhD student, RVC Studentship

Megan Guilfoyle, MRes Student

Emma Vivian and Tegan Long, BSc Project Students


Ane Goikolea Vives Bloomsbury funded PhD student, submitted April 2022. Now Post-doctoral Research Assistant in the Neurocellular Stress Lab, RVC.

Jiaying Zhang former Post-doctoral Researchers, now Junior Lab Head, Beijing

Elena Kislitsyna PhD student, King’s College London

George Eleftheriadis former Research Assistant, King’s College London

Abi Yates MSci student in Stolp lab, now with PhD from the University of Oxford and undertaking postdoctoral research at Ichan School of Medicine at Moutn Sinai

Former BSc Project Students: Kacie Shoulders, Georgia Thorpe, Valerie Cai , Hannah Smith, Georgia Farr, Caitlan Smith, Bethan Little, Hope Edwards, Gwen Scott, Megan Rees, Celina Bjorseth-Andersen, Camila Vallve, Isabella Alcazar Prada, Minsung Park.


King’s College London:                                                  INSERM (UMR 1141): 

Professor David Edwards                                                     Pierre Gressens

J. Donald Tournier      Dafnis Batalle

Tom Eykyn              Jonathan O’Muircheartaigh   

Royal Veterinary College

Claire Thornton, Caroline Wheeler-Jones, Dong Xia

University of Oxford:                      Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/KCL:

Professor Zoltán Molnár                                              Patricia Garcez

Professor Daniel Anthony

Yvonne Couch

Birkbeck: Michael Thomas